Madden NFL 21 – What’s Coming In Title Update 3

Madden NFL 21 just released but that doesn’t mean that the developers can take a break. The players have reported a series of issues and some of them have been fixed already. The next game update, Title Update 3, was already announced. It’s slated to arrive on September 10th and it brings many improvements.

Title Update 3 comes with updates for The Yard, Face of the Franchise, Franchise, Ultimate Team, and various gameplay changes.

The Yard is the newest Madden NFL 21 mode. After Update 3, this mode will have a friends leaderboard when you can see the performance of your friends per event. Those who play against the computer will be reminded with a pop-up that they need to be in a full group. The issue that prevented the location icons and the full list of house rules from appearing was fixed. The issue where coach cam showed CAP and quarterback 12 was fixed too.

The Face of the Franchise mode will be more stable after the update. The issue that made the difficulty change to rookie after games was fixed. In Franchise mode, the tuning X-Factor abilities feature was improved.

Title Update 3 will come with many gameplay updates. The pass rush issue that prevented defenders in contain from maintaining their position after they were blocked was taken care of. The defensive coverage was improved too. The defenders in press-alignment will now backpedal as they should. The PA crosser and other plays will be better handled for cover 4 quarters. Several tackling issues will not trouble players anymore.

For example, the quarterbacks will now react after they throw an INT at the same time a defender hits them. The issue with the tackle animations was also fixed. The Throw Out of Sack mechanic got some updates as well. The developers aim to make this mechanic more balanced.

When blocking, the issue that prevented the left tackle from blocking the proper defender was fixed. General gameplay updates were also implemented. The issue with the quarterbacks and drastic turns is fixed. Some celebration animations were also resolved.

Ultimate Team is one of the most popular game modes, and also the most profitable mode by selling MUT 21 coins, so it’s only natural that the developers want to keep an eye on it. The speed in the menus in this mode was improved. Roles in Ultimate Team squads will now be respected as they should. The issue that showed the items in the lineup screen as 50/50 was fixed.

Title Update 3 should come when the new NFL season starts. We would meet the patch soon. While you’re waiting for the update, why not pay a short visit to MUTeamGo store? They have Madden player cards and cheap coins for you!