WoW Classic – AQ40 And Nature Resistance Gear

Phase 5 for WoW Classic brought two new raids in Silithus. Temple of Ahn’Qiraj or AQ40 is a 40-player raid and it’s currently the most challenging PvE activity for end game. You might have heard players talking about nature resistance gear needed for this raid. Let’s see what this is all about.

The fourth mandatory encounter in AQ40, Princess Huhuran, is where you will need resistance gear. At 30% HP, the boss does an ability called Poison Bolt. This ability will hit the 15 closest people with nature damage. Those 15 people need resistance gear because the damage from the ability is just too much to be healed on its own. If one of those people die, the ability will spread in the raid and there’s no recovery from that. It’s a wipe.

In WoW Classic, things can be a little simpler. If your group has very good DPS, you can simply kill the boss before the damage from this ability wipes the entire raid. This was not possible in the original WoW Vanilla. However, it is not easy. You will need not just a full group but also a full raid. It’s doable to clear AQ40 with a few DPS short, so some raids take around 35 people. For instance, there are guild raids who don’t want to deal with pugs so they prefer to take things a bit slowly.

How much nature resistance gear do you need? That depends on your role. You will find several guides, each one saying something else. Some say 200, some say 150. In the end, it depends on your healers and damage dealers. It depends on how fast the DPS can burn the boss down and how long can the healers keep up with the massive damage.

In general, melee classes should have 150NR with tanks close to 200NR. Casters and healers should have around 100NR. Nature resistance gear comes from instances such as Maraudon and Stratholme UD. It also drops from Blackwing Lair. You can acquire it as a reward from Silithus quests too. Some pieces can be crafted. It’s also a good idea to check the auction house. You never know when you find a bargain.

Nature resistance gear will also help with other encounters such as the tree bugs and Viscidius. It’s not as important as it is for the Princess but it can make the fight easier. Also, don’t forget that there are consumables that will help mitigate nature damage.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)