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Why Do Customers Read Online Reviews Before Buying?

Do you ever wonder why customers read reviews on the products they are interested in? This article answers this question and more. Negative reviews are an excellent way to establish legitimacy for a company, while positive reviews help reassure potential customers. Furthermore, positive reviews can increase your business’s lead generation and conversions. So, the next time you make a significant purchase, read reviews about the product. After all, a happy customer is a returning customer.


Positive reviews reassure potential customers.

A positive review will reassure potential customers when buying online. It will help them decide whether to purchase the product or not. If a product has no reviews, the potential customer may be doubtful about its quality. However, if the review is positive, it will encourage more people to buy it. Positive reviews are also a good marketing tool. They show the business that other customers are satisfied with the product or service.

According to Matt Moog, CEO of PowerReviews, the more positive reviews a product has, the more likely the consumer is to purchase it. Ideally, the study will have twenty to fifty positive ratings. But the more positive reviews a product has, the higher its purchase potential. This is why reviews are so critical when buying online. However, it is equally important to respond to negative reviews. In some cases, an appraisal may contain false or misleading information.

A positive review on a product page increases sales by 18%. It also promotes the company’s reputation. Consumers trust reviews written by peers more than the company’s claims. A positive study also demonstrates a brand’s credibility. Positive reviews reassure potential customers when buying online. However, negative reviews can deter potential buyers. On average, consumers will ignore a product page with two negative reviews if they have read a bad review.

When a negative review is posted online, companies should respond to it promptly. A third of people delete a negative review when they answer, and the same percentage replaces it with a positive one. Reacting quickly to negative reviews can help improve the company’s reputation and build a better relationship with its customers. In addition, companies should provide direct links to the review site. This is an effective way to reassure potential customers when buying online.


Negative reviews establish a company’s legitimacy.

Although it may be challenging to convince skeptical customers that bad reviews are fake, it is essential to respond to them. Consumers will often be wary of companies with only positive reviews, which will only raise their suspicions. To get more authentic reviews, a business should investigate the issues that led to negative feedback and positively address them. However, it is not enough to merely respond to bad reviews; a company should also consider honest customer feedback.

While negative reviews can be depressing, they can also help a business improve. Although not every customer will leave a review, they should be acknowledged because these reviews can help the industry improve. Even if a customer is not satisfied, there is a chance that he will buy from the company again. If you respond to negative reviews, you can salvage a relationship with the customer and build confidence among future customers. This process will take some time, but it is worth it.

The Consumer Review Fairness Act (CRFA) protects consumers’ rights to share honest opinions about a product or service. It applies to online reviews as well as other forums. Contract contracts that prohibit honest reviews are a danger to consumers relying on these reviews for information and decisions. It is also detrimental to businesses that have worked hard to earn positive reviews. So, beware of companies that try to avoid this practice.

Although some negative reviews can reveal the internal problems of a company, it is best to respond neutrally. It’s best not to engage in a combative manner to avoid putting a company at a disadvantage. Instead, be polite and courteous and respond positively. Keep in mind that no company is perfect. Remember that people can quickly tell when a review is fake or not.

A recent lawsuit by Dawn Hassell against Yelp centered on defamatory reviews made it difficult for the company to operate, and she won the case. She got a judgment against the social media giant, and Yelp agreed to take down the harmful content after reviewing it. However, the ACLU and other groups are pushing for the removal of negative reviews. A company should consider this legal precedent before making decisions on this issue.


They increase business leads and conversions.

Consumers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. Consumers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with several excellent reviews. Not only does this increase conversion rates, but it also helps with SEO. Checks can also be used to up-sell and cross-sell products. Studies show that the more reviews a product has, the higher the likelihood that a prospective customer will trust the company.

Consumers also tend to read reviews about products and services online before purchasing. Studies have shown that 68% of online visitors would provide reviews if asked to. Companies can make it easier for these potential customers to give thoughts by creating a review request process. These reviews can be written by individual customers and can even provide photos. Once reviews are published, they will act as online endorsements for the company, which increases sales.

Consumers also spend more time reading reviews than reading positive reviews. A study by BrightLocal.com found that 82% of consumers read reviews online and that they specifically seek out bad reviews. In fact, users spend five times more time on websites with bad reviews than positive ones, meaning that an assessment can boost conversion rates by as much as 85%. While the effects vary from product to product, the positive impact of online reviews on sales is worth noting.