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State-of-the-art products for increasing milk production in dairy cows

Increasing the milk production in dairy cows is one of the main goals livestock farmers may have. Increased milk production equals increased yields and thus increased profits. However, it is rather important to also take the health of the cattle into account. It may be straightforward, but healthy animals produce more milk than unhealthy animals. One of the main problems regarding milk production is milk fever. Milk fever is a condition that occurs mainly during the calving period. Dairy cows may have insufficient amounts of calcium to feed their calves and provide for themselves. Milk fever may cause early mortality amongst dairy cows – prevention is thus the way to go!

Discover which supplements suit your cattle best

Kimtec International is a company that has audited a variety of ways for increasing milk production in dairy cows. This extensive research led to the production of various product ranges. One of them is the KatAn line, a feed supplement that consists of highly effective ammonium chlorides that are made palatable thanks to their state-of-the-art Masktech technique. Ammonium chlorides are known to provide sufficient nutrients to decrease the risk of milk fever in your cattle, but it is rather foul-tasting for your animals. The Masktech technique makes the feed supplement palatable, ensuring your dairy cows receive the necessary nutrients in their feed for increasing their milk production.

Explore the possibilities of a tailored product

It may be that you find the product ranges from Kimtec International insufficient or not suitable for your cattle. You only want a product that is tailored to your dairy cows, thoughtfully increasing their milk production in an efficient manner. No problem at all! Kimtec International also offers the opportunity to commission them into developing and producing a new and tailor-made product especially for your animals. In this way, you are ensured of high-quality products that suit your cattle in the best possible way. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Make sure to contact their experts and discuss your ideas with them.