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NBA 2K21: First Major Update (Gameplay Fixes)

The patch notes of update 1 for NBA 2K21 fix several issues concerning the general gameplay and game modes like MyCareer, MyTeam and MyLeague/MyGM. The patch also fixed hangs that could happen at different moments of the game and updated the face of Andrew Wiggins to make his character more accurate. Concerning the gameplay changes, you can now choose between the new Pro Stick Aiming system and the traditional shooting system. You can even toggle the shot meter on and off when using the Pro Stick Aiming system.

The patch also changes the way you reach the Ideal Shot Aiming point. A slow flick of the stick will move that point to the left while a quick flick will move it to the right. Ante Up will now use competitive slider settings that are more skill-based. Setting the Shot Feedback to “off” will make the excellent release animations disappear. The patch also fixed the unwanted fadeaway shots that intervened after performing certain dribbles. Performing dunks is easier when using the Pro Stick.

The patch made the user interface clearer by disabling the double team indicator. While playing, you can now shoot driving floaters from further away from the basket. The patch remapped the Moving Park dribble to “holds” on the Pro Stick. As a result, after unlocking the Park Handles badge, you can now use hard stops with L2/LT.There are less animation pops when using the dribble move system. The ball physics bugs when setting the Shot Timing to Real Player % are fixed while the Lead to Basket is now less effective.

In the second part of this article, we will review the game modes part of the update notes. The gameplay fixes are substantial as we can see and the fact that some of them were made using the community feedback, we can hope that the public reception will be positive. MTStacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K21 MT coins.