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Laziness and stupidity are features of brain development

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What seems like laziness or stupidity may turn out to be features of brain development that can be corrected with special exercises.

To change the brain, you do not have to resort to the help of special devices. Stimulating brain activity through exercise and individualized techniques plays a huge role.

For a long time, it was believed that a person who has learning difficulties since childhood will always lag behind and will never be able to completely bridge the gap, so he needs to go to schools for the mentally retarded and work in special types of work. However, over time, more and more data began to accumulate that many cognitive impairments can be compensated and mitigated with the help of an individual approach.

Human studies have also demonstrated that learning increases the number of neural connections, volume and density of the brain.

Often, children who seem stupid or lazy actually just need an individual developmental program. Their learning disabilities stem from the way their brains work.

Exercise not only eliminates learning problems, it also restores confidence in children. If the problems are ignored, the child will come to the conclusion that he is stupid, will forever hate learning and will not be able to be realized in life.

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