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How Effective Is Robotic Tank Cleaning?

The tank water is used daily for brushing and bathing, cleaning and mopping, washing clothing, and other household tasks. Sediment, scale, and algae build up over time in the water tank’s walls, roof, and floor. As a result of this buildup, the water becomes contaminated and unusable. This water will get infected with algae and bacteria over time, and we might become ill as a result. It implies that if we don’t take care of our water tanks, we might be putting our health at risk.

Tank cleaning is critical and should be performed every year at the very least. However, the quality of the water delivered to residences is also a factor. Sedimentation is more likely in water that is hard and rich in TDS. In such instances, it’s necessary to clean the water tank more often than once a year.

Automatic Tank Cleaning with A Robot

Vertidrive offers access to the most cutting-edge robotic tank cleaners on the market. We are the leading robotic tank cleaning firm in North America, having cleaned thousands of tanks. Our robots can deliver a safe, cost-effective, and low-operational-impact service without the need for human intervention.

Our SR Cleaners are trustworthy and safe for reservoirs and storage tanks to be cleaned. Clear wells, concrete reservoirs, and steel tanks of any size may be cleaned by SR Cleaners.

Cleaning Robots Features by Vertidrive

  • While the reservoir is being cleaned, there is no interruption in fire protection or distribution of the water.
  • The robotic cleaning saves the electric company money by reducing the number of hours a worker is required to clean.
  • It is possible to remove pollutants and sediments from tanks with a chlorine residual power brush that doesn’t make the water cloudy.
  • Wastewater is kept to a minimum.
  • It’s a little robotic crawler called the SR Cleaner. It can clean up to 1000 square feet per hour and solids up to 2″ in diameter in easily accessible manholes.
  • Robotic cleaning services include a live video feed of the cleaning procedure. As a result, the owner may be certain that the cleaning was done to his or her satisfaction.
  • Only drinkable water should be used in VERTIDRIVE equipment that has been thoroughly cleaned according to industry standards.

Vertidrive’s Tank cleaning robot technology removes many of the difficulties that human employees deal with on a regular basis. Our Robotic Cleaning System can replace a whole human team and work continuously without downtime, enabling you to reclaim your assets two times as quickly as traditional cleaning methods enable you to accomplish today. When compared to traditional cleaning programs, our customers typically save between 20% and 25%. Visit us at Vertidrive.com.