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Designing an excellent product

If you want to design a product, many things are important. What you use the product for, whether it looks nice, whether it is cheap to produce, but above all whether it is user-friendly. How do you find out that the design of your product really is a useful enrichment of someone’s life? You can find out by combining UX research with a User-centered design Reveall.


What is User Centered Design Reveall

Reveall is a company that focuses on product design, among other things. User centered design Reveall is different from human centered design from Reveall. Reveall does not use all people in User centered design. This is the case with human centered design. User-centered design mainly has the user in mind. Therefore, the users are involved in the process from the start. User-centered design should be empathetic because you have to put yourself in the user’s shoes. You will also create a lot of designs that are not right all at once. You will have to ask for a lot of feedback from potential users. The process actually consists of four steps in which the user is involved. The analysis, design, evaluation and implementation. In all these four steps, the user will be involved.


What is UX research

UX research can be used in user centered design. UX research is the use of various research techniques with the aim of gaining insight into the behaviour, context and underlying motives of the end user. So it is actually a qualitative user research. This research fits in perfectly with the user-centered design. A combination of these two methods should therefore provide the ultimate user-friendly product. Due to the extensive research you know exactly what the user is looking for in a product and what also works and is useful. You focus on the target group of your product, which makes the feedback more valuable. This comes from people who also have an interest in it. Due to the genuine interest in the product, such UX research is extremely effective, which means that the process of user-centered design can also run faster.