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Buy biotechnological products

Interested in buying biotechnological products that can bring your research to the next level? In that case you can took a look at what GC Biotech’s online shop has to offer. A wide range from cutting edge laboratory equipment and automated robots can effectively improve your way of researching. With a relative small investment you can save time, create clear and accurate results and make your current study fun.

Bring in some of the best liquid handling robots out there and you will have reliable quality control, precise quantities of samples and an easy way of working with solutions. Our laser systems can engrave, seal of liquid wells and reseal them as well without loss of usability. Set up a workstation, nanodrop device or centrifuge. Improve your work with the biotechnological products you can buy in GC Biotech’s webshop.

Cutting edge companies

To ensure we bring you only the best we get our biotech products from cutting edge companies. These leading manufacturers and suppliers combine their innovative ideas with a pioneering spirit to come up with creative and effective solutions for problems one can encounter in the scientific field of biomolecular research, cancer studies, pharmaceutics, genomics, epigenetics, forensics and much more. Having the latest biotechnological products in your laboratory makes sure you can avoid the many common and uncommon problems when producing scientifc results. So do yourself and your lab staff a favour and buy the latest biotech devices from GC Biotech company.

Everything for your research

If you need to buy base materials and solutions, like reagents, reactants, enzymes, magnetic beads and other supplies you can find them in our webshop from trusted suppliers like Bioline. GC Biotech is distributor of a great many quality reagents and accessoires. These can be used with the tools and automated systems from the many biotechnological companies, such as nucleic acid isolation. So buy our scientific biotech products from the shop and increase the quality of your research.