FIFA 21 Announces An Event To Reveal Celebrations

As we previously informed you, FIFA 21 eliminated two celebrations that, according to some players’ claims, were damaging their gaming experience when facing opponents online, since they have felt victims of bullying after being defeated.

The two celebrations, we’re talking about are the one popularized by Dele Alli (Ah-Ok) the last year and the one that contains the gesture to silence the rivals (Shh), both cannot be used in FIFA 21.

However, EA Sports has announced an official stream that will take place on September 22 at 4 PM (CEST) in which they will reveal all the commands and controls that players must perform to celebrate after scoring a goal.

Everything indicates that one or more new celebrations will be announced in the transmission, since it is unlikely that EA Sports will plan a stream to show things that practically all players know, so the recommendation is to be vigilant and tune in this live broadcast.

Likewise, EA Sports game producer Sam Rivera revealed that the celebrations will have a slight modification that will affect the way they are done for players. Here are hiswords:

“What really matters is that we reduced the time you have to celebrate. We eliminate the ‘walk-back’; so after scoring a goal, there was a celebration, then a replay, and then you saw the player go back to the center point of the pitch”.

According to Rivera, the celebration time will be reduced in FIFA 21 to prevent players from wasting time and slowing down the pace of the match when celebrating, forcing them to execute their celebration faster or completely lose that moment of glory.

There is never a lack in FUT of those users who buy FIFA Coins and wants to show you off their new star player after scoring a goal with him, running around the pitch until the maximum time for the celebration runs out, and then make you see all the repetitions of the whole play before resuming the game.

Apparently, EA Sports is striving to reduce the toxicity of its community by eliminating celebrations and shortening the time of them, actions that, although they seem subtle, can be very helpful to make the gaming experience of users much more pleasant, at least in FIFA Ultimate Team or in any other online mode of the game.


FIFA 21 Early Access.

All players who want to enjoy FIFA 21 before its release date can opt for EA Access on PS4, Xbox One and Origin Access on PC, with the chance of playing at least 10 hours before the official launch of the game.

We remember that the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 21 will be the Legacy Edition, one that does not have the same technical or graphic characteristics as those of the games aimed at the current or next generation of consoles.

FIFA 21 will hit the stores on PS4, Xbox One, Switch& Stadia on October 9, 2020. The FIFA 21 release date for next generation consoles PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X havn’t been confirmed yet. FUTeamGo will have FIFA 21 coins/players in stock in early October.